Myofascial Release Therapy


Myofascial Release (MFR) is a holistic, hands-on approach to healthcare that works on the fascia of the body. It uses gentle, but sustained stretches of the fascia, that act to remove restrictions. This enhances mind/body awareness that assists change within the neuromuscular system, leading to improved movement and consciousness.

The fascial system is made up of a fibrous three-dimensional web surrounded by a gelatinous medium. Fascia surrounds, supports, separates and protects every cell of the body, as well as allowing communication between the cells, which allows for proper cell metabolism.

MFR acts to remove restrictions within the fascial system that may have an affect on the movement of oxygen, nutrients, chemicals, hormones and toxins, as well as energy, information and consciousness. Trauma, surgery and inflammatory processes can create myofascial restrictions. At cellular level this is dehydration and resultant solidification of the gelatinous medium. This causes excessive pressure that acts to crush muscles, nerves, blood vessels and osseous structures, and results in the symptoms of pain and restriction of movement.

MFR works by applying gentle but firm pressure into the restriction for a sustained period of time. These stretches to the fascial system cause the blocked areas to energise, allowing energy to flow, the tissues to rehydrate and prompt the start of the healing process.