McTimoney in Essex, Norfolk, Suffolk and Cambridgeshire


Based on the Suffolk/Norfolk border, and travelling throughout Norfolk, Suffolk, Essex and Cambridgeshire, Louise uses the McTimoney technique, Equine Body Work and Myofascial Release Therapy to provide a safe, effective and holistic treatment for musculoskeletal problems in horses and dogs.

What are some of the signs showing your animal may have a musculoskeletal problem?

- Lameness after a fall, slip or accident, following veterinary referral.
- Odd irregular action.
- Uncharacteristic changes in behaviour, performance or temperament.

Specifically for dogs:

- Crying out on rising.
- Difficulty climbing stairs or jumping into cars.
- Showing a reluctance to exercise.
- Evidence of stiffness or pain after exercise.
- Moving away when touched.

Specifically for horses:

- Unlevelness, especially behind.
- Uneven wear of shoes.
- Sore or cold backs.
- Unexplained deterioration in performance.
- Asymmetry, such as stiffness on one rein or a disunited canter.
- Resistance such as napping, rearing, refusing, bucking.

- Uneven muscle development or atrophy.

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